Best (Electric or Gas) Pressure Washer Surface Cleaners

If you looking for a pressure washer surface cleaner reviews and want that reviews be written by the pro, you are on the right place. Here you can find answer on question what are the best pressure washer surface cleaners in 2019?

In order to get a clean and uniform looking surface in minutes of cleaning, the ideal solution available today is the pressure washer for surface cleaning for any kinds of surfaces. Any of your outdoor areas, patio, concrete floors, parking lots, roofs, warehouses, boat ramps, garage floors or deck, you can keep them cleaned and free from nasty marks within few minutes of pressure washer cleaning.

Such marks physically consume a lot of efforts and time from us if we clean them manually, but with this pressure equipment you get more satisfaction in no time and also get enormous life span of the equipment with close to zero maintenance time and cost.

Top 5+ best surface cleaner

Yamaha ACC-31056-00-13

This is a superior cleaning solution for uniform and shiny surfaces within a few minutes. Yamaha is recognized for its quality and efficient products and this is one of those popular products. This particular model is extendable to a wide range and has a high pressure rating of 3300.

It cleans all sorts of flat surfaces and removes all the nasty and dark marks uniformly through its high speed rotating nozzles in almost 4 times faster time span than the standard nozzles. It saves time and energy by easily getting connected to the quick connect capable pressure washer and 15 inch extendable cleaning path reaching larger areas in less time.

PowerFit PF31023

You can replace your standard spray nozzle with this surface cleaner and get up to 4 times efficiency in cleaning and save on a lot of time and manual efforts by cleaning huge surfaces faster by its 15 inch cleaning path. It gets to the floor and cleans every possible mark and stain on the floor rejuvenating it to its original shiny and clean state. It comprise of two nozzles that rotates at extremely high speed and possess a high pressure rating of up to 3000 psi ensuring speedy process completion.

This model is equipped with quick coupler system that is capable of attaching itself to the capable wand very easily and is compatible with all the standard pressure washers.

Briggs & Stratton 6328

Briggs & Stratton is a leading and recognized organization in the domain of surface cleaning equipment and this particular model justifies its image.

With intelligent design and efficient parts, this cleaner gives you all the possible benefits and avoids all the hassles. To avoid the over spraying problem of normal surface cleaners, this model is developed into a dome shape that does not let the cleaner overspray.

It comes with a 14 inch diameter that enhances its coverage area and helps you reach manually unreachable areas too. Due to their high pressure rating of 3200 psi and dual rotating jet, they are topmost on the list of fastest surface cleaners available.

Karcher T350

It is a perfect partner for a gas pressure washer with PSI up to 2650 and is wide enough to cover large spaces in short time span. They are ideal for cleaning surfaces like patios, terraces and driveways and comprise of nozzles for streak cleaning without any splash back.

The placement of nozzles is designed so that they are at an optimum distance from the surface and cleans them without leaving any scratches or stains on it.

The two nozzles together clean an area of 12 inch wide that justifies the refine cleaning results and faster process completion.

AR Blue Clean Surface Cleaner

If you are looking for a light and compact size surface cleaner that you could carry anywhere to clean huge places, then AR Blue Clean offers you a very specific model that offers 60 to 80% faster cleaning procedure.

It is perfect for outdoor areas near your house and the efficiency of cleaning is so high that you would not mind cleaning them on a regular basis. Another advantage is its extendable lace that stretches to about 15 inches and helps you reach and clean areas that are hard to reach otherwise. It also helps you keep water away from your walls and house surfaces through its nylon brush skirt instantly.

Karcher T250

If you have huge driveways and boat decks, then specifically to clean these surfaces, Karcher has designed a model that cleans them instantly irrespective of their size or the area that they spread to. The model is small and compact and also light in weight to be able to carry wherever you desire. Due to its 11 inch cleaning path, there is no need of any streaking once you are done with using this pressure washer.

This surface cleaner also has two spray nozzles designed to ensure uniform cleaning of the surfaces without any marks and leaving no scratches on them and also makes it easy to use due to consequential hovering effect. They are ideal for surfaces like garage doors, house siding, stone walls etc.


The idea of having a surface cleaner with the pressure washers will serve you with a complete cleaning solution and you will have no issues of old and stained floors inside or outside of your house. These equipment not only cleans the surfaces quickly, but with such an ease that it would be no more a hassle for you to  keep your huge house floors and outer areas always new and clean.