Need the best electric pressure washer for your home? Check out our Reviews and find perfect for the money

Need best electric pressure washers to clean house? Or for for auto detailing? Check out our electric pressure washer reviews and find perfect for the money.

Electric pressure washers are spray washers used to remove to hard and accumulated pile of dirt that does not gets cleaned manually.

The best part of these pressure washers are that they clean any kind of dirt in almost the same and shorter time span as compared to other traditional methods of cleaning and is extremely cost effective.

Best Electric Pressure Washer Top-Picks 2017

AR Blue Clean AR118 1500 PSI 1.5 GPM Hand Carry

AR Blue Clean AR118 review and cheapest priceAR has been famous for years for bringing exclusive lines of pressure washers out of which AR118 is an optimised solution to electric pressure washers.

With its 3 axial-piston wobble plate pump its internal operations are extremely fast and smooth. A spray wand, detergent tank and injector, high pressure lengthy hose, and an adjustable hose spray with cushioned handles makes it a long running performerfor any level of cleaning required.

Automatic on / off switch helps utilise only the required power and maintains the life of the pump, and its design and structure makes it a suitable fit for industrial cleaning tasks where it can be rough and dirty.

2000 PSI AR Blue Clean AR390SS

TAR Blue Clean AR390SS review and best pricehis particular model is definitely efficient and durable like others in the row but is relatively simple and easy to use. AR Blue Clean AR390SS tough and rugged and can be used frequently in rough places as it has turbo nozzle that increases the pressure for heavy cleaning tasks.

It is stretchable to long distances due to its reel and offers optimised services due to its additional water savings that makes it top the list of few demanded models of electric pressure washers.

It only demands a regular maintenance and cleaning of its pump and the inside and promises to offer preferred services on a consistent basis.

Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV 1900 PSI

Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV review and cheapest priceCampbell Hausfeld PW182501AV is a very compact, light, and reliable pressure washer with an inbuilt 120-Volt, 14-Amp pump. It cleans any dirt with powerful jet spray of 1900 PSI and 1.65 GPM and scraps away the dirt in no time.

With an auto on or off switch that shuts the pump either when not used or gets heated up due to long usage saving power and increasing the life of the pump.

An additional detergent tanker, a lengthy hose reel and for all an on-board storage for the entire kit to be assembled make it a decent choice in preferred pressure washers.

AR Blue Clean AR383 1,900 PSI 1.5 GPM

AR Blue Clean AR383 review and best priceThis is a fabulous washer with its main focus on its lengthy reel of hose that makes it reachable to distant places without carrying it, along with other features. It also has an adjustable nozzle a foam dispenser and a softy valve to knock off the power to the pump in case of over usage or the pump being heated up.

Its Total stop system helps control the power to the washer by use of simple trigger gun and has been proven to utilise 80% less water that its previous models making it an optimised and efficientwasher model.

Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM

Sun Joe SPX3000 review and lowest priceSun Joe offers quite a versatile pressure washer that can handle the entire cleaning task in any kind of places unreachable by us manually, be it major or minor in terms of severity. With extremely high pressure and efficient hose, the pace of cleaning gets faster. It is equipped with 14.5 Amp and 1800 Watt motor and a garden hose adapter that converts your normal garden hose to pressure washer sprayer with the increased pressure.

It has a storage tank of 9 litres to place extra detergent for prolonged usage without the need of re-filling which is removable and offers a simple knob to switch between the two sources of spraying.

Choosing the Best Electric Pressure Washer

Choosing the electric pressure washer based on your requirement is a very necessary and the first step when you decide to buy it.

Firstly decide the severity of the disk. The basic types could be used to clean smaller places like furniture’s, lawn equipment’s or smaller concrete areas. The medium type is applicable for generally the floor cleaning activities like of houses, garages or your driveways. Lastly, the higher end ones are used for heavier cleaning activities like huge floor cleaning of garages or painted surfaces of walls etc.

Other aspects like customer reviews of different brands and their models, their flow rate, cleaning rate and the amount of water they use based on some pre-determined unit of surface area are considered. Then you got to evaluate of the build-up of the pressure washers like its motor, engines, and pumps as they affect the power consumption and utility of the pressure washers.

Why Do We Need to Get the Best Electric pressure washer?

The moment summers come or rains go away, you have a pile of dirt on every corner of your house. You cannot climb the outer walls and clean them, even if you did, you literally would take a lot of time. That’s where the electric pressure washers help reduce the efforts and time take to clean the place. They are applicable for residential, commercial as well as industrial places for cleaning.

Electric pressure washers as compared to gas based are easier to maintain and also offer noise-free operations that help endure long term cleaning activities. Getting the best electric pressure washers suiting your purpose would ensure minimum power usage for maximum results as desired by your requirement and the severity of the task. Also the motors and engines help achieve a certain desired level of cleaning in a short time if you choose the right model meant for the purpose you want to.